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I fake well days…

Sometimes you get a reminder of something you shared 1, 2, 3…. years ago on Facebook, and today something I share 2 years ago showed up. And I feel like sharing that here at my blog. So here it goes:

“The story of my life! You might see lots of pics of me having a good time, but that’s because I don’t want to focus on my daily struggle, at least not on a daily basis. I think that’s toxic and drags you down, and I also know people would get tired of hearing about that. On the other hand it might hurt me cause some just don’t understand that’s more behind the scenes and think I’m faking it and scamming the system. Thank goodness I don’t have friends and family thinking I’m doing so (at least not many) – they might not understand my situation but they don’t judge. Unfortunately not everyone’s that lucky cause they have people around them who think social media tell the full story and if you post a pic of you being happy or doing something physical they think you are a scam and have the ability and health to work full time. Get rid of those people toxifying your life and keep on making the best of your life even though you don’t have health issues.
So here’s a pic of me from this morning after many hours in bed or on the couch not able to do anything.”

Think about this the next time you judge someone. Rather try to be happy for them if they’re able to do something they love, something meaningful.

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